Organise your own event and do something amazing for patients in the hospitals we support. From bake sales to quiz nights our fundraising team will be on hand to give you any advice you need. Whatever you choose, you’ll be doing something extraordinary for our patients. 

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to organising your own event for King’s College Hospital Charity


  1. Decide which hospital, ward or department you want to support. You may want to say thank you to a particular department that you have received outstanding care in? Maybe you live local to one of our hospitals and would like to show your support? Whatever your motivation to fundraise for King’s College Hospital Charity, let us know.
  2. What event do you fancy doing? Do you already have a fundraising event in mind? If you need some fundraising inspiration, contact our fundraising team who will be able share lots of ideas and advice with you.
  3. Promote your event. First, set up a JustGiving page. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to raise sponsorship money. You can personalise your page with pictures and share exciting updates about your fundraising. Once your page has been created and personalised then you are ready to share your fundraising event with your family, friends and co-workers by sending them an email with your fundraising page link. Download our step-by-step instructions on how to set up your JustGiving page
  4. Have fun! You have worked so hard organising your amazing fundraising event; don’t forget to enjoy it! Take lots of pictures throughout the day and don’t forget if you are sharing them online to tag us and we can share your fantastic fundraising with our supporters as well.
  5. Let us know how it went! We love hearing what our incredible fundraisers have been up to, so please do let us know how your fundraising went and share any pictures with us that you have from your event.  If you're happy for us to share your story on our social media platforms, find out how to become our Friday Fundraiser here.