Transforming facilities

We fund projects that have a transformative impact, from creating a world-class Critical Care Unit to a 24/7 helipad. Investing in the very best facilities enables us to make the best care possible for patients at Kings's for now, and in the future.
Picture of the outdoor garden

Bringing nature to Denmark Hill

We've committed £25,000 to support projects to improve green spaces at Denmark Hill. From minimising stress levels to creating a relaxing place of community connection, green spaces provide a much-needed escape from the clinical atmosphere of the wards.
A birds-eye view of the helipad on a bright day with blue skies. There is a large yellow circle with a red cross in the middle to indicate where the landing strip is located for air ambulances. The London skyline is visible in the background.

Slashing journey times for critically ill patients

In emergency situations, where minutes can mean the difference between life and death, the helipad at King’s College Hospital is now operational 24/7 thanks to our generous supporters.
The new Critical Care Unit. It is a brightly lit patient room with large windows, with a view to Ruskin Park and many trees. There is a patient bed in the middle and a black visitor's chair on the left hand side.

Improving the experience of seriously ill and injured patients

With the help of our supporters, we raised £2.6m to transform the critical care environment at King's, improving outcomes for some of the hospital's most unwell patients.