Apply for a small grant

Most of our small grants are funded through our 250+ designated funds. Below you'll find a breakdown of the process of applying for a small grant under £5k from one of our designated funds.

Before you start

  • Familiarise yourself with what a designated fund is.
  • Talk to the relevant Fund Advisor about using the designated fund in your area, whether the fund’s purpose covers your idea, and whether they support your application.  A list of the designated funds and the fund advisors can be found here.
  • Ask your line manager about what approvals are required at King's before making the request. For equipment, you should consult your service or general manager for advice on King's processes and approvals.
  • Watch the tutorial video below with top tips on completing your application.

The application process

Applications funded through designated funds must be supported and authorised by the relevant fund advisor. The fund advisor will be emailed a copy of your completed application form and asked to confirm their authorisation for it through an online process. 

Please ensure you provide accurate details as part of your form submission, and ideally let them know so they are expecting the authorisation request.  Charity will not be able to process your application without this authorisation. 

After approval by the fund advisor, the application will be submitted to King's College Hospital Charity's team for processing.

The charity will be closed from 22 December 2023 to 2 January 2024. The deadline to submit requests via the small grants form for payment is 12 December 2023 to ensure the charity has sufficient time to process the request before Christmas. Requests made after this deadline will be paid in the new year. 

What is a small grant?

A small grant is an amount of funding under £5,000 awarded to an application to  start or deliver specific services or activities that help improve patient care or staff welfare within the Trust. 

As long as the Grant Holder adheres to King's College Hospital Charity’s Terms & Conditions, Grants do not need to be paid back.

Who can apply?


Where can I get funding and how much can I apply for?


Is support available to help me with my application?

When will my application be submitted to King’s College Hospital Charity?

How long will it take to process my application? 

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Applying for a small grant

This video guides you through the small grant application form.