Our Charity and impact

We’re here to help King’s go beyond what the NHS can provide to meet the needs of current and future patients.
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Every day King’s staff work wonders not only to save and enhance lives now, but to power the research and innovation that keeps care advancing. This incredible team counts on our support  to take care further, going beyond what the NHS can provide to meet the needs of current and future patients. 

Together, we can make the best care possible.

We became an independent charity in 2016 and we've worked in close partnership with King's ever since to fund initiatives that help to take care further and improve how patients feel in hospital. 

Our 2022-25 Strategy, Making the Best Care Possible, sets out our current priorities to make a difference for King's patients, especially those who are frail or at risk of being left behind.

Our Charity values

We are proud of our Charity values: they are our fundamental ethics and principles that underpin everything we do at King’s College Hospital Charity. They are the golden thread that runs through the very fabric of who we are and how we operate.

These values are not simply words on paper. We all aim to live them and make them real every day.  By bringing them to life, making our decisions and behaving with them in mind, we create a dynamic and supportive culture that reflects the Charity that we are.

We are caring and supportive

We listen to people and keep their needs at the heart of our work.

We are a Charity that supports patients, their families, the team at King’s and each other;

We show respect and empathy;

We help each other;

We are beneficiary-focussed in our decision making;

We proactively support the health and wellbeing of our people; and

We take time to understand challenges from other points of view.

We are ambitious

We think big to achieve the greatest impact for everyone we support.

We push ourselves to be our best;

We are passionate, proactive and undaunted by new challenges;

We aim high, take risks and ask questions;

We focus on outcomes that will make a positive difference to patients and their families;

We deliver outstanding results; and

We achieve and sustain excellence.

We are innovative and creative

We dare to be different, strive to make improvements and generate lasting change for patients and hospital staff.

We are open-minded and willing to accommodate new ideas;

We are adventurous, inquisitive and pursue our curiosity;

We pioneer care for patients;

We try new things and strive for continual improvement; and

We are receptive to change and new ways of working.

We are collaborative

We connect with our community and recognise that alone we go fast but together we go far.

We value each other’s contributions;

We work as a team to achieve our goals and share the load when under pressure;

We form purposeful partnerships and collaborate with others, both internally and externally;

We are always listening and learning; and

We recognise and celebrate the importance of diversity and understand that embracing our differences makes us stronger.

We have integrity

We are transparent and hold ourselves to the highest standards.

We support each other in our efforts to be open and honest;

We take responsibility to do what is best for our beneficiaries;

We keep promises and honour our commitments;

We are committed to high standards of governance and compliance with regulation;

We admit to our failures and encourage a culture where we can learn from them;

We encourage our people to speak up if something does not feel right, and safeguard those who voice concerns; and

We seek diverse perspectives and engage in constructive dialogue to call out injustices.

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