Participants must pay the relevant registration fee, including fees, to take part in the event. If the participant withdraws from the event, the registration fee cannot be refunded, transferred or deferred. The event place can only be used by the participant who enters and cannot be transferred to anyone else.

There will be a limited number of discounted places available for people who are unable to pay the registration fee. These will be available on request from the Charity staff. Places are still subject to processing fees and participants must still complete the online entry form to register.

The Great Hospital Hike has no age restrictions, but we do ask that everyone taking part is registered, including all children. Participants aged 0 to 15 (inclusive) on the day of the event must be registered by a parent or guardian and on the day must be always accompanied by an adult.

If taking part in the event, parents and guardians are responsible for the wellbeing of any children. By registering them you understand that this is a tough physical challenge and you believe the child is able to complete it. We reserve the right to refuse participation to any individual and to cancel or postpone the event completely for all participants at any time.


All participants and supporters must abide by these terms and conditions and any rules, instructions or regulations displayed or given on the day of the event by police and/or event officials.

 We respectfully ask all participants along with their supporters not to use aggressive or abusive language towards our organisers, marshals, and volunteers. You should also avoid drinking alcohol and/or behaving in a way which may cause injury or harm to yourself, other participants and/or spectators, or which may cause offence or damage the reputation of the Charity.

Spectators are not permitted to walk the route with participants. Everyone taking part in The Great Hospital Hike must be a registered participant. We ask all participants along with their supporters to be respectful of local residents whilst out on the route and not to make any excessive noise.

We respectfully ask all participants and their supporters to use the litter and recycling facilities available within the start and finish area and checkpoints. For your own safety please use road crossings where possible and always look when crossing roads. Marshals will be on hand to guide you, but they are not responsible for stopping traffic or telling you when to cross roads. You will be responsible for crossing safely and ensuring any children you are responsible for also cross safely.

We operate a no smoking policy at our hospitals. We ask all participants and supporters to refrain from smoking tobacco products or e-cigarettes whilst taking part in The Great Hospital Hike.

We reserve the right to ask participants and supporters to leave the event if they do not adhere to these terms and conditions, and no refunds shall be given in these circumstances.


If you/your children are unable to complete the walk due to fitness or medical reasons we will endeavour to shuttle you to the finish line. There might be a long wait and in the instance that it is not possible for the event organisers to transport you, you will be required to arrange and pay for your own transport.

To ensure the safety of all participants, there will be a cut off at the final checkpoint at 17:00, any participants who reach the checkpoint after this time will be shuttled forward to the finish line.

The finish line will close at 19:00. Any participant who has not finished the event by this time but chooses to continue does so at their own risk with the understanding that they are no longer considered a participant of the event, and as such are not eligible for any event resources (including but not limited to refreshments, course direction/support, personnel, etc), and that they absolve us of any and all responsibility and progress entirely at their own risk.


Participants are responsible for ensuring that they/their children are sufficiently fit and healthy to take part in the event. Any participant unsure of their physical ability to take part in the event must seek medical advice from their GP prior to the event.

The Great Hospital Hike is a non-competitive walk and participants are reminded that running is not permitted. For health and safety reasons, all personnel have been instructed not to permit runners to take part in the event.

All participants will be provided personalised bib to wear on the day of the event. All participants must complete their personal details on the back of their bib and display it visibly during the event. It is vital that you declare details of any health problems, current medication and any other information you consider could be relevant in the event of a medical emergency.

We take all reasonable steps to minimise the risk of injury to participants during fundraising events. There is a stringent risk assessment process in place for the event, which aims to minimise or eliminate the risk to everyone taking part. By taking part in this event, all participants acknowledge that there may be conditions or circumstances beyond our control that can lead to unforeseen risks, including the risk of injury, and all participants accept such risks.

By taking part in the event, you consent to receiving medical treatment administered by medically qualified personnel during the event if required in any circumstances where you are unconscious or otherwise incapable of making a decision regarding medical treatment.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to the event in our absolute discretion, if for whatever reason we consider a person unfit to take part. We may also ask you to withdraw during the event if we have concerns about your ability to complete it due to fitness, injury or otherwise. If you choose to continue you do so with the understanding that you are no longer considered a participant of the event and that you absolve us of all and any responsibility, and progress entirely at your own risk.

Participants are responsible for ensuring that they are wearing appropriate clothing and footwear when participating in the event, taking into account the nature of the event, the weather forecast and the terrain of the route.


King’s College Hospital Charity will handle any personal data you provide in accordance with data protection law. For information on how we handle your personal data, please refer to our privacy policy which can be found here

Enthuse will be used to process your personal data and you can read their terms of service on their website, here

King’s College Hospital Charity will use the information you have provided to contact you about your event and fundraising. Your personal information may also be used for the purposes of sending communications to you where you have expressly confirmed that you would like to receive further information about the Charity’s work when registering for the Great Hospital Hike


By participating in The Great Hospital Hike you are agreeing to raise a minimum of £150.00 for King’s College Hospital Charity. Any money raised in connection with the Great Hospital Hike must be forwarded to the charity no later than 30 November 2023.

Please note that we are unable to accept your sponsorship money on the day of the event as we do not have the suitable cash handling facilities to fulfil this process.

You are not permitted to collect donations from the public along the route.

Sponsorship money for the Great Hospital Hike 2023 will be used to support the general work of the hospital and spent on the most vital projects, unless otherwise agreed with the Charity. If you have requested your fundraising to be restricted to a certain area at the point of registration, this will happen automatically.


By taking part or attending the event, all participants confirm they are happy for any photographs, video footage or stills taken during their participation in the Great Hospital Hike to be used by King’s College Hospital Charity to publicise the event and/or other fundraising purposes including but not limited to, advertising, publications, marketing material and any other documents that may be made available to the public.