Patients in Critical Care who are bedbound or mechanically ventilated will now be able to begin their rehabilitation process earlier with the use of a moto-driven therapy device. 

The Motomed trainer facilitates active movement of both arms and legs, even with minimal muscle strength.  


Frequent use of the Motomed helps to sustain joint flexibility, stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation, and strengthens auxiliary respiratory muscles.  


"If this process is improved, the length of stay for patients in Critical Care will be greatly reduced," says Sarah Brown, Critical Care Matron.


"In addition, this early engagement with physical rehabilitation will improve psychological wellbeing, and reduce the risks of ICU delirium and its prolonged effects".


This project was a winning submission to the Crown Fund: a programme for funding smaller scale projects designed to attract exciting and impactful initiatives across our hospitals. Departments, wards and specialties were invited to share their project ideas for up to £25,000 to conduct small-scale innovations that have the potential to make a big difference to patient outcomes and experience.