Familiarise yourself with our Grant Criteria and Terms and Conditions. The larger the Grant, the higher our expectations that it meets our criteria.

To successfully apply for a Grant, King's College Hospital Charity needs to agree that your project meets the following criteria:

  • Impact: demonstrating a clear need with your application providing a clear benefit to the people using the hospital: patients, their families, partners and friends, staff, and visitors
  • Additionality: demonstrating that the money will be used to go above and beyond core NHS services and what the NHS should pay for
  • Fit with Trust priorities and requirements: demonstrating the Trust supports your application.
  • Patient involvement: projects, where patients have been involved and consulted, will be viewed favourably
  • No person left behind: access to the projects’ benefits should be equal, inclusive, and meet diverse needs.
  • Delivery: clear plan for delivering the project and reporting on progress and benefits to users
  • Sustainability: whether the project will have a lasting impact after the grant has finished, e.g., because the Trust has adopted a process, will fund a post longer-term, or equipment will be well-maintained
  • Fundraisability: this applies if your project needs additional funding. If we have no existing funds to fund your Grant application, we will need to find funders and develop a Case for Support that meets funder requirements in partnership with you.


Small Grants purchasing instant items may not need a delivery plan, a sustainability plan, or demonstrate fundraisability. Small Grants under £5k will only need a Grant Agreement if a funder requires one.


Grants over £5k will each have their own bespoke Grant Letter, reflecting the grant application, the terms of any funding sourced by the Charity, and reporting requirements.


Grant holders are expected to comply with all relevant policies, procedures, systems and processes of King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and if it is a Research project under the research protocols of either of the Trust or King’s College London as appropriate.


Grants must not be used as a way of evading any of King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, King’s College London’s or any other recipient organisations’ policies, procedures, systems, and approval processes.

Acknowledging King's College Hospital Charity

King's College Hospital Charity's support must be acknowledged in all communications activities about the project (internal and external), and materials including written reports, articles and publications. King's College Hospital Charity and its fundraising and communications team can use this grant in any publicity, in written form or on their website.


To read more about how to acknowledge King's College Hospital Charity in your communications, please familiarise yourself with the guidelines outlined in the Managing your Grant section.