Post 27 July 2023

Lightening the load

The NHS staff working at our hospitals are dedicated to patient care. These incredible individuals count on our support to take care further, going beyond what the NHS can provide to help meet their needs and that of their patients. 

Caring for huge numbers of patients every day is both physically and mentally exhausting. With overstretched staff under sustained pressure, we’re proud to fund initiatives that not only support these dedicated and hardworking individuals in their jobs, but also help make their lives just a little easier.

  • Permanent Wellbeing Hub opens at Denmark Hill site
    Used by over 1,000 people every day, the Wellbeing Hub at King’s offers a warm and welcoming space where staff can grab a hot drink and something to eat. Comfortable chairs and soft lighting create a relaxing social space that is a world away from the hospital wards. The Hub is also an important access point for any member of staff needing mental health and wellbeing support as the staff psychology team is also on hand. 
  • Psychological support for staff 
    Funding from NHS Charities Together has enabled us to further our aim of ensuring our staff have the support they need to carry out their roles. We fund initiatives that make sure staff are supported and receive help before crisis point is reached. 
  • Making life more manageable for NHS staff
    With the rising cost of living, every penny saved makes a difference and we’re proud to have invested in projects that help make life a little easier for hardworking NHS staff. For an exhausted nurse in the middle of a stressful shift, a Fruitful Box in the staff room or a smart fridge stocked with nutritious food can make a big difference. Being able to use a Blue Light Card for discounts can also help make life feel just that little bit more manageable.