Patient & visitor experience 27 July 2022

Helping to alleviate boredom and isolation

Boredom, isolation and anxiety are common struggles during hospital stays. Having easy access to distraction tools and techniques can help patients manage frustration and alleviate worry, as well as provide a means of reconnection to the outside world.

We invested £225,000 to implement a brand new patient entertainment system. Launched in March 2022, the virtual platform is now available to all patients within the Trust. With a comprehensive range of information services, digitised magazines, games, radio and TV channels, the platform can be accessed with any internet-enabled device via the Trust’s free NHS Wi-Fi, also funded by King’s College Hospital Charity. The Trust also purchased 500 tablets to loan to patients without a device and our volunteers are on hand to help anyone unfamiliar with the technology.

“I’ve been in hospital for months on end with severe emphysema… it can feel really hard to be stuck inside, unable to do things I used to do. It hurts my eyes to try and watch anything on my small phone screen. Being able to borrow a tablet with a big screen and easy access to Freeview makes such a difference – it makes the boredom so much more manageable.”
Joan, patient

The entertainment portal has been widely used by thousands of patients across our hospitals:

  • 1,500 devices loaned
  • 1.1M GB of data downloaded
  • 70,000 hours of entertainment
"I would have loved to have had better access to entertainment, so I could watch TV or find a good film. It would have made such a difference. I’m glad the charity is providing this now, because it will really help.”
Brian, a patient who finished a long stay in hospital just before the patient entertainment system launched
Brian, wearing a pink t-shirt, sitting in a wheelchair holding the patient entertainment system

Fighting boredom in hospital

Brian's story shows why we were determined to provide access to entertainment for every patient at King's

Powered by volunteers

King's volunteers play a vital role in distributing tablet devices, helping patients use them - and fighting boredom with human interaction. Just one reason we're committed to funding them!