Equipment 27 July 2023

Blue sky thinking to enhance patient wellbeing

King’s College Hospital Charity is funding LED skylights to bring the outside into children’s wards at the heart of the hospital.
Photo of two hospital staff walking along a corridor at King's with blue-sky skylights above them
A picture of the 'smart' lighting panels to be installed in various children's wards

New ‘smart’ lighting panels above every bed in these wards will mimic daylight and create a vivid scene with the sky, clouds, and, naturally, sunshine, for children who may be stuck indoors for long periods of time.


The grant is part of a wider programme of work made possible by our supporters to improve the environment and facilities across child health services at King’s College Hospital and the PRUH.

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Giving patients a view of nature can completely change how they feel in hospital, boosting wellbeing and speeding recovery. That’s why it is not unusual to find King’s staff helping patients to a breath of fresh air wherever possible. You might find members of the Rays of Sunshine team taking children like up onto the helipad or out into Ruskin Park to marvel at the squirrels, if they are well enough and it’s safe to do so. You might even find half a dozen members of the critical care team wheeling a patient outside to swap the bright hospital lights for a bright blue sky, just for a while.


As a charity we support all kinds of projects to connect patients more to the outside world, from providing these ceiling panels to supporting the ongoing development of critical care so patients can enjoy a calmer, brighter, more natural and less clinical environment. Bringing the outdoors into the heart of our hospitals would never be possible without the help of our supporters. Big or small, one-off or regular, all donations go a long way in transforming the hospital environment for King's patients. 


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