Rose McGuire, Vascular Access Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH), is encouraging colleagues, patients, families and friends to support their local hospitals by joining her in the first ever Great Hospital Hike

"Put on your walking shoes!", Rose urges. "Sign up to the Great Hospital Hike, my fellow Kings and Queens!" 

Rose is no stranger to campaigning for a good cause. In 2014 she advocated for a charity-funded PICC line machine at the PRUH, helping to enhance patient care and improve their quality of life.


Now she has pledged to go the extra mile for King's in the Great Hospital Hike, and she's inspiring her colleagues at King's and members of the community to do the same.


The Great Hospital Hike is a sponsored 17-mile walk following the iconic Green Chain Walk through some of southeast London’s prettiest parks and wildest woods. The event is open to all ages, and money raised will help transform clinical services, advance research and improve the hospital environment across King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.


For members of the community, the Hike is an opportunity to go the extra mile for King's side-by-side with staff like Rose, who were working on the frontline during the pandemic.


"Let's raise funds to help King's College Hospital Charity support our patients and staff. Together we can do this, and we will do it."

The Great Hospital Hike: 18 September 2021


We’re delighted to have Rose as a charity ambassador for the inaugural Great Hospital Hike.


Rose has signed up for the feel-good fundraising event to help support the life-changing care given to patients across our hospital sites – and she’d love to see you there too. So why not join her, patients, staff, family and friends as we band together to walk the leafy trail from King’s College Hospital to the PRUH?


Join Rose by signing up to the Great Hospital Hike, or sponsor her fundraising here