Our King's Santa Dash virtual event has come to a close, and we're pleased to announce our supporters have raised over £8,000 for our hospitals.  A huge thank you to all those who took part in this virtual 5k walk, run, or jog. 

Best friends Olivia and Verity completed their Dash to thank King's for saving Olivia's life.

Best buddies, Olivia and Verity, completed their King's Santa Dash on a wet, rainy day in Plymouth to say a big thank you to King's for saving Olivia's life.


In 2019, university student Olivia was rushed 220 miles to the King's College Hospital Liver Intensive Treatment Unit.  Her condition was deteriorating and she was placed on life support.  After 9 long days in an induced coma, Olivia finally woke up.


"My critical illness was a very difficult time for my family and I, but was made much easier by the dedicated staff at the hospital" Olivia says.


"I cannot describe how thankful I am for the people who cared for me. Everyone from the cleaners and porters to the clinical staff are a true credit to the NHS."


Verity is tremendously thankful to have her best friend by her side.


"To all doctors, nurses and allied health professionals thank you so much for the work you do," Verity says. 


"Without your work, my friend wouldn't be here right now and the world is most definitely a better place with her in it!"

Superstar Jessie John braves the weather on his King's Santa Dash.

Decked out in his King's College Hospital Charity running vest, 7-year-old Jessie John also braved the weather on his Santa Dash.


Jessie is a familiar face at King’s. He was born there, almost two months premature with only 10% of a bowel, which resulted in him spending the first nine months of his life in hospital.  In 2020, he received a life-saving liver transplant. 


“King’s has saved Jessie’s life multiple times over the past seven years,” says Jessie’s aunt, Lucy. “But in 2020 they transformed his life when they gave him a new liver."


"Without the doctors, surgeons, nurses, cleaners, psychologists, play therapists, care assistants and so many more, Jessie would not be here today. We have everything to thank King's for."

Shohreh takes a family selfie. The Dawson children were born at King's.

It was a family affair for the Dawson crew.  With their bright yellow Santa hats keeping them (relatively) dry, the family managed to quadruple their original fundraising target raising almost £500. 


"Our kids were born at King's, I have worked there for years and we have spent a fair few hours at A&E as very anxious parents being well looked after by the amazing staff" says mum, Shohreh. 


"Time for us to give back!"

The littlest Dawson participating in the Dash.

We crossed the virtual King's Santa Dash finish line together on 18 December 2020.  No set rules or location meant every Santa Dash was unique, but where routes differed, participants were certainly united by their gratitude to our hospitals.


By going the distance together, the King's Santa Dash squad have raised a grand total of over £8,000.  A huge thank you to all those who took part in our King's Santa Dash challenge. We are so proud of your tremendous efforts, and applaud you all.

January 2021