King’s College Hospital Charity strives to make a difference to patients and their loved ones at our hospitals by supporting developments that go above and beyond what the NHS provides. Our aim is to assist in the delivery of a better experience and better results for the people who come to us in a time of need.

Rising to the Challenge

As well as contending with the emerging burdens of COVID-19, we have continued to support numerous innovative projects designed to transform patient care. Our latest Impact Report highlights a selection of these new projects, as well as some of our recent successes.

Some tremendous improvements have been achieved at King’s thanks to the Charity and its supporters:

  • When King’s helipad opened, thanks to charitable support, it reduced the time taken to transfer our most critically ill patients from 25 minutes to five minutes. Over 200 patients are delivered to King’s by air each year.
  • Strengthening King’s pioneering Volunteering Programme that enables patients to benefit from the services delivered by 600 volunteers each year.
  • The Mowat Labs, which carry out research into children’s liver disease and acute liver failure, were funded entirely by charitable donations and we continue to provide funding for PhD students as well as purchasing some of the most advanced equipment available to further support their research.
  • Refurbishing the children’s Emergency Department at Denmark Hill to create an environment that is welcoming, stimulating and, at the same time, calming for the acutely ill children that come through the department’s doors.
  • Funding research and cutting edge facilities to ensure more than 40,000 patients receive the very best care and treatment for brain tumours and brain injury.
  • Purchasing cutting edge technology to help surgeons operate more precisely, including a surgical microscope that will increase success rates for patients having liver transplants.
  • Support research into treatments for blood cancers, making a difference to over 10,000 patients.

Hugh Taylor, Chair, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“Our work with King’s College Hospital Charity is a perfect example of collaboration in action. Thanks to the generosity of the Charity’s supporters, they are making a vital contribution in helping to ensure that King’s remains a leader of medical innovations and one of the very best local and national centres of excellence in critical care and specialist treatments.”