King's College Hospital Charity is proud have funded Intouch with Health at King's - a mobile appointment manager app that enables patients to check-in for their appointment and be called for their appointment from anywhere around the hospital.

For some, a hospital waiting area might simply be a place to sit and read a magazine, while for others who may be feeling anxious about their appointment, it can be a very stressful environment.


At King's College Hospital Charity, we are proud to fund innovations that improve the patient experience, which is why we are delighted to support the introduction of 'Intouch with Health' - a Mobile Appointment Manager app that allows patients to remotely check-in and wait for a pre-booked appointment.


For a patient this could mean they can check-in and wait for their appointment from the comfort of their car, an outdoor seating area or even the hospital's coffee shop. When it is almost time for their appointment to start, the King's clinical team can alert them to come to the waiting area via the app.


As well as reducing the duration of time patients stay inside hospital buildings, other key benefits of the mobile check-in system include:

  • Improving social distancing.
  • Reducing the amount of patients in waiting rooms.
  • Providing patients with greater convenience surrounding their appointment.
  • Increasing confidentiality as patients can check-in for their appointment through the app rather than at the waiting room counter.
  • Releasing staff time by reducing their administrative responsibilities.


The Intouch with Health Mobile Appointment Manager app could not have been possible without generous donations from our community of supporters.


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