Congratulations on being awarded a Grant! After approving your Grant, we will issue a Grant Letter including Terms & Conditions which lays out expectations for the Grant, how it will be managed, and the reporting requirements.

What you need to know

Drawdown funds from an approved Grant

We like to see grants implemented as rapidly as possible, so a smooth drawdown of funds matters.

The process for claiming disbursements against an awarded Grant includes several options:

  • The Trust pays for goods, services, or a post and then re-charges King's College Hospital Charity.
  • King's College Hospital Charity procures goods and services directly.

We've streamlined forms so that you no longer have to justify the spend if this claim goes against a grant already awarded.


To drawdown funds from your approved Grant, please ensure you have your Grant Reference issued to you in the Grant Letter and the Fund Name and Number.


You can access the form to drawdown funds from an approved Grant here.


Applications must be supported and authorised by the Fund Advisor. The individuals will be emailed a copy of the application form and asked to confirm their authorisation through an online process. Please ensure you provide accurate details, and you may like to inform them about this process as we will not be able to process your application without these authorisations.


Select “Drawdown Funds from Charity approved Grant” on page 3 of the application form and enter Designated Fund Name and Number and your Grant Reference where applicable.


Impact of your Grant: reporting and evaluation

Demonstrating the benefits our grants bring to patients, families, carers, visitors, staff, and volunteers is important to King's College Hospital Charity. It helps us be accountable to beneficiaries, stakeholders, and funders.


After receiving your Grant, it’s vital that you keep us informed about your progress. We will agree with you set dates for reporting back, so we are kept up to date on progress, how you’ve spent your Grant, and the difference it’s made. This is very important to our donors.


This reporting helps us learn how we can support you better in the future and show our donors how we’ve used their money to make a real difference.


To make it easy, we have developed an Impact Report template for Large Grants over £5k covering all the aspects of your Grant. You can access this template here.


We need to know from the following perspectives:

  • Achievements against milestones and objectives.
  • Activities, outputs and outcomes.
  • Lessons learnt; lessons shared.
  • Plans for sustainability.
  • Wider impact and success.

We will also ask for a financial account setting out the actual expenditure of the Grant against the budget set out in the application.


Be as honest as you can. We understand that sometimes things don’t go according to plan, and we don’t just want to hear about your successes and achievements. We also want to know what you’ve learnt and how lessons have been shared to maximise the impact of our Grants. Your feedback can also improve our processes and provide better support for others in the future.


For major projects, we may ask that a Steering Group is formed to ensure implementation goes as smoothly as possible and that a broad audience learns from the project.


For smaller grants, we ask that you tell us:

  • That goods arrived safely and have been installed/used.
  • Any stories about how something helped.

Please provide any photos, case studies, quotes, feedback or stories of patients or staff who have benefited from the project and how. This is essential to help our fundraising efforts, without which Grants would not be possible.


Please Note: This information may be used in our communication materials, so please ensure consent has been obtained from patients, families or staff before any identifying information is shared and they understand how the information may be used and that we may contact them. If this is not possible, please ensure details are anonymised and alert us that consent has not been obtained.

Grants Ts and Cs

Grants over £5k will each have their own bespoke Grant Letter, reflecting the grant application, the terms of any funding sourced by King's College Hospital Charity, and reporting requirements. Before you accept your Grant, it’s essential to understand our Grant Conditions to ensure you have the right information you need to manage your Grant and meet the requirements you’ll need to follow.


You agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions by accepting the Grant. This represents a legally binding agreement between King’s College Hospital Charity as your funder and you and King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust or King’s College London as the grantee.


The Terms and Conditions set out all the information you'll need to manage your Grant successfully, as well as all the things we'll need you to do as a condition of our funding.


Always check your Grant Letter - there may be additional grant conditions specific to your Grant.


While the Terms and Conditions are bespoke to you and our outlined in your Grant Letter, you should also read the Terms and Conditions that apply to all of our Grants here.


If you have any queries, as always, please get in touch with

Notifying us of Changes

Changes happen, and not all projects will go exactly to plan. But it’s important that you keep us in the loop so we can continue to support you with your Grant.


You must let us know if:

  • You need to change the details of your Grant: your budget, the length of your project, or what you might be using the Grant for.
  • You do anything that goes against the terms and conditions of your Grant.
  • You are leaving the Trust and/or handing the Grant over to someone else.

We’ll be happy to consider your request. Please complete the Grant Change Request form here, giving a brief update on your progress and spending to date and change details.


Please get in touch with us for further guidance if you need to change your project substantially. Your grant has been awarded so you can carry out the project as described in your application.


We understand that sometimes small things need to change, and we can be flexible so you can improve your project’s delivery based on new learning or information. However, we're unlikely to approve requests that are significantly different from the original application and change the project's objectives.

Acknowledging King's College Hospital Charity's support

King's College Hospital Charity's support must be acknowledged in all communications activities about the project (internal and external), and materials including written reports, articles and publications. King's College Hospital Charity and its fundraising and communications team can use this grant in any publicity, in written form or on their website.


Acknowledging our funding is important to help to raise awareness of our mission to support life-changing care at King’s. It also allows our supporters to see the impact their donations make across the King's community. We therefore request that any material made to promote your project includes an acknowledgment to King's College Hospital Charity.


Use our logo on any publications related to your project

The logo has been designed to be used on a white background. Use the white version of the logo on dark backgrounds. Use the black version of the logo on light backgrounds. Our logo is available to download below. Right click the appropriate link and press 'save as' to download.

If you require a bespoke design, please get in touch.


Keep us in the loop with media requests

If you’re considering contacting the media to publicise your project, or if you’re directly approached by a journalist requesting an interview, you should first  for guidance. However, please keep us in the loop in advance so that we can help you to acknowledge us appropriately.


Fund advisers should contact the Trust’s communications team and King's College Hospital Charity before making any comments to the media about grants that have been given from the Designated Funds as well as having obtained the consent of the recipient organisations’ (e.g., King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust or King’s College London).


Include an acknowledgment to King's College Hospital Charity

Advice should be sought from King's College Hospital Charity as to the wording that is used and how this is displayed. Please contact our communications team on


Buildings and any large items of equipment should display a plaque, which should be agreed with King's College Hospital Charity in advance, indicating that the funding has been received. Please email the Communications team for guidance on this on