Eleanor is taking on the Manchester Half Marathon to thank the amazing team at King's for their care for her two-year-old cousin. 

In early December, Eleanor's cousin's little girl, Fifi, was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma liver cancer at just 21 months old.


Eleanor said:


"The past six months has been an incredibly difficult time for the family as Fifi has spent a lot of time in hospital undergoing chemotherapy. She has recently undergone an operation to remove the cancer in her liver, carried out by the amazing Professor Heaton. We are hoping that after a few more chemotherapy sessions the remaining cancer should be removed.


Support from King’s College Hospital Charity is hugely important to Professor Heaton and his team, enabling them to save so many people's lives. So that's why I'm attempting to run the half marathon on behalf of this amazing charity! Any donations would be hugely appreciated."


Eleanor Wild

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