“For the first six weeks of my life, they were not sure if I would survive”, says Brandon White, who spent 100 days in King’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit as a newborn. Now, happy and healthy at age 10, ‘miracle boy’ Brandon has completed 10,000 laps of his backyard to say thanks to the paediatric liver team that saved his life.

Within hours of being born, baby Brandon was rushed to King’s College Hospital for emergency specialist care. His large intestines had become knotted and died in the womb, leaving him desperately unwell. At 24 hours old he had his first major operation. At 72 hours, he had his second.

Day 4 in NICU

Expecting major complications, Brandon’s parents were told it could be 11 months until they could take their firstborn home.  


“I had a seizure, MRI scans, and my liver started to fail. My mum could not feed me and I could not have formula milk as my bowels could not digest properly” Brandon says. 


Brandon was fed through a long line in his leg for 47 days, and for 52 days thereafter was cared for by a team of nutritionists, surgeons and consultants. 


Until finally, on 2nd September 2010, 100 days after being admitted to King's, Brandon was well enough to leave NICU and go home. 

Home at last!

“Today, I am like any other boy of 10. I eat a lot, play games a lot, and laugh a lot!” says Brandon. 


“My consultant calls me a miracle boy.”


Once a year, Brandon returns to King’s for a check-up with the same consultant who saved him all those years ago – Dr Jonathan Hind, Consultant of Paediatric Hepatology.


"When Brandon was in the neonatal unit the prognosis was that he would likely need intravenous nutrition at home in the long-term", says Dr Hind.


"However, he proved us wrong, thriving and growing into an inspiring young person." 


"It is fantastic to work with such special families, and to see young people do so well is a great reward."

To say thanks to Dr Hind and the paediatric liver team that saved him, Brandon has completed 10,000 laps around his back garden to raise money for our TLC Appeal.


That’s 100 laps for 100 days straight, representing the 100 days he spent in NICU.


“Their skills saved me and without them I would not have survived to become a big brother.”

Through his fundraising efforts, Brandon has more than tripled his original fundraising target of £500, and Mum Simone could not be prouder.


“Our grass bears the marks of all his efforts in reaching 10,000 laps, but we are so proud of him.”


The TLC Appeal aims to raise £1.5mil to Transform Liver Care for children and young people, helping to ensure they don’t just survive into adulthood, they thrive.