Regular Crown Fund

Every year the Charity holds a themed Crown Fund seeking applications from King's staff, usually between £5-25k. The next Crown Fund round will be in 2024 - in the meantime do read on to find out more about the projects we funded in 2023.
Picture of a patient with a long beard sitting on a hospital bed talking with a nurse wearing a mask

The 2022 Crown Fund awarded a total of £165k to 15 home-grown projects, all united in their goal to make enhancing patient experience a priority. Watch this space for the launch of the 2023 Crown Fund later this year.

Supporting young sexual assault survivors through their justice journey

This project will provide an informational storybook to support young people who have been sexually assaulted through the process of seeking support and any criminal justice system. Using illustrations and themes that are accessible to children under 13 and their caregivers, the book will provide an overview of what to expect, helping children feel supported, safe and able to cope through challenging circumstances.

Placing family feedback at the heart of bereavement care

This project will develop a process for gathering formal feedback from bereaved families after a child's death. This will be vital in ensuring that processes are in place to meet the significant needs of families throughout their entire bereavement journey, improving the support they currently receive.

Virtual reality to ease pain and anxiety in young patients

This project will use virtual reality as a tool to reduce the anxiety and pain that children and young people experience when attending King's for different treatments, improving their physical and mental well-being while in hospital.

Stepping into a comforting space for end of life care

This project will enhance the quality of end of life care by creating a warm and comforting space for patients spending the end of their life in hospital. Creating a home-like environment for a patient's final moments will provide them and their families comfort and relief.

Delivering musculoskeletal (MSK) care in the local community

This project will transform community leisure centres into health and wellbeing hubs to help people self-manage their bone, joint or muscle conditions. Located in the heart of Southwark, these venues will provide local, accessible venues for patients to take part in water-based, therapeutic exercises, giving patients control in managing their condition and helping to reduce hospital wait times.

Supporting with the side effects of anticoagulants

For many female patients who are prescribed anticoagulants, heavy menstrual bleeding can be a common side effect, negatively impacting on their quality of life in a myriad of ways. This project will provide bespoke information for affected women in the form of a bitesize, mobile-friendly animation, helping them to feel prepared and supported.

Improving the quality of breast screening through automation

This project will automate breast imaging systems to improve the accuracy and quality of imaging. This will free up time and staff resources, in turn enhancing overall patient experience through reduced wait times for appointments.