Supporting patients and families

How we are providing extra comforts and reassurance at a difficult time.
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Growing the service for brain injury patients

The brain injury rehabilitation service at King’s has recently recruited a new clinical psychologist to their team, thanks to charitable donations.

LISTEN Lodges at King’s: a home from home

The LISTEN Lodges allow families to be near their loved ones when they're being treated at King's.

King’s Volunteering Programme

Donations mean we can train and support volunteers who make a real difference to patients and staff.

Supporting the youth service at King’s

Teenage patients have many new activities and games to use during their stay at King’s, thanks to a wonderful gift from 14-year-old Charlie Cronin.

Caring for our carers with special comfort packs

Your support has helped provide comfort packs for the palliative care service at King’s and Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH)

Helping people with brain injury to help themselves

Thanks to supporters like you, patients at King's are embracing an innovative new self-management programme that's helping more people reach their rehab goals.