Suzanne’s story

Suzanne pictured with King’s surgeon Mr Robert Bentley, who carried out the operation to reconstruct her skull

Suzanne Ratajova, who survived a horrendous, life-changing assault, explains why she abseiled down King’s College Hospital in 2015.

Three years ago Suzanne was the victim of a cruel, random attack; a man on a bike punched her three times in the face, knocking her unconscious before she fell backwards and cracked her skull on the pavement.

“It was an unexpected and very unpleasant incident,” says Suzanne, whose remarkable story was shown on Channel 4’s 24 Hours in A&E.

Suzanne underwent emergency surgery at King’s College Hospital lasting five hours. “I was given a 50-50 chance of making it through,” says Suzanne. “I was extremely lucky to do so and I am now enjoying my second chance at life.”

Now fully recovered, Suzanne is keen to say thank you for the life-saving care she received.woman in abseiling gear

“I cannot ever repay the doctors for my second chance to live, and fundraising is the very least I can do for them, the hospital, the nurses, my family and all those who were by my side on the way back to normality.”

So Suzanne abseiled 100ft down the Golden Jubilee Wing to raise money for King’s Helipad Appeal.

“I was very lucky in my unlucky experience that King’s College Hospital was just round the corner and I would like everyone to know what an excellent and professional place the hospital is,” she says.

“Fundraising as much money as I can for King’s Helipad Appeal is a little thank you from me. And once the helipad is built, I will be very proud to think that I played a small part in the construction project.”

Suzanne raised over £800 for the helipad, and combined with the other abseilers the total raised was almost £30,000! She describes the experience as ‘slightly scary but glorious!’ And her support for King’s didn’t end there – she has also helped out at fundraising events, sold raffle tickets for the Helipad Appeal and donated £600 to King’s through a Christmas auction held last year. 

We are very grateful to supporters like Suzanne who have helped make our helipad a reality, and able to save the lives of more people.