Sister Jen wears a dress

Sister Jen, who many of you will remember from Channel 4’s 24 Hours in A&E, wore a dress to work to fundraise for the King’s Helipad Appeal.

Sister Jen was lent the old-fashioned nurse’s uniform by rheumatology nurse Carron Congreve, and she wore it to her shift in the King’s Emergency Department on Wednesday 2 July.

She shares with us why she decided to wear the dress:

What gave you the idea to wear a dress to fundraise for King’s? 

I decided to wear a dress as for years people had said to me they’d pay money to see me in a dress.  So I thought: why not do this and raise money for the helipad?

Did your colleagues and the patients react how you expected them to? 

My colleagues, of course, found it a source of great amusement but were all extremely supportive, and after the initial laughs were very complimentary. The patients seemed a little confused, but only a couple asked why I was dressed differently.

Why are you supporting the helipad appeal?

I am giving my full support to the helipad as it will give our sickest patients the life-saving care they need quicker than at present.

Would you wear a dress again?  

I do not have any plans at present to wear a dress again… But you never know?!

Thank you so much, Sister Jen! 

Watch a video of Sister Jen talking about the experience:

Listen to Sister Jen talk about why she’s fundraising for the King’s Helipad: