Karl’s story

In 2014, 22-year-old Karl Mooney narrowly escaped death after falling through an open window and falling 30 feet to the ground. 

His life was saved by the quick response of the King’s air ambulance team, who flew him to the Emergency Department on Denmark Hill. Karl’s parents, Peter and Sandra Mooney, now strongly support the King’s Helipad Appeal, after seeing first-hand that time really does mean life.

On 24 May 2014, in Folkestone, Kent, Karl slipped down a sloped roof and somersaulted three floors.

‘This was witnessed by a taxi driver in its entirety and he immediately presumed that he had just witnessed our son’s death,’ Sandra says.

Karl survived, and was flown by helicopter to King’s.

A fight for life

He had suffered multiple severe injuries, including a fractured skull requiring six stitches, a bleed on the brain, a fractured clavicle, two collapsed lungs that needed multiple drains, a fractured coccyx and several other smaller injuries.

Immediately following the accident, the bleed on Karl’s brain and his collapsed lungs were the medical team’s biggest concerns. These injuries resulted in Karl being placed into an induced coma for five days.

‘They initially told us he would be under for longer, but he began to recover after a week,’ Sandra says. ‘Amazingly, by day 12, he was released and back home. Now, it is almost impossible to see that he suffered anything at all!’

Air ambulance team

The Mooneys understand that the intervention of the air ambulance team was vital.

‘This was our first, and hopefully, only, personal connection with the air ambulance team in getting patients to King’s as quickly as possible,’ says Peter.

‘The need to have the helipad on site cannot be understated and the difference it will make to other people surviving is something that is immeasurable in value to the people affected.

‘We are glad to be able to support the appeal.’

We are very grateful to supporters like the Mooneys who have helped make our helipad a reality, and able to save the lives of more people like Karl.