New monitors for Toni & Guy children’s ward

New monitors for Toni & Guy children’s ward

Generous donations from supporters have helped provide two new monitors for one of the children’s wards at King’s.

The monitors were bought for Toni & Guy ward in 2015. They are used for checking the vital signs of our young patients, an important task which means the equipment is in high demand all day and night.

Constant monitoring

Seven-year-old Amber Corley is a regular patient on Toni & Guy ward. She suffers from cystic fibrosis, a genetic condition which affects her lungs. There is no cure for cystic fibrosis, so Amber receives regular treatment to help prevent long-term damage and ease her symptoms.

As part of her treatment, Amber receives medicine through an implant under her skin which is inserted through surgery. Keeping a close eye on her condition following procedures like this is critical, particularly her oxygen saturation.

Having peace of mind

‘When Amber came out of surgery, the monitor came along straight away,’ says Amber’s dad Scott. ‘We moved her from the operating area on to the ward, and it gave us that peace of mind that everything was fine. You need that as a parent when you’ve just gone through something quite traumatic; any peace of mind you can get is a lifesaver.’

Toni & Guy ward is a 15-bedded unit which specialises in caring for children with breathing, blood and cancer-related conditions. The monitors are an all-in-one tool for checking various vital signs such as heart rate, oxygen saturations, respiration rate and blood pressure.

Making a difference

The monitors can be used constantly for a patient who is particularly unwell, or for checking ‘spot sats’ – observations which are made every two to four hours. It’s important for staff to be able to access a monitor whenever necessary, so the extra equipment is making a huge difference on the ward.

‘We’re so grateful for the support that means we can buy extra equipment like the monitors,’ says Laura Bufton, senior sister on the ward. ‘Anything that helps us give the best and most efficient care to the children is great. And if the staff feel they’re able to give the best care, it makes things better for them too.’

Your donations have helped to buy important new equipment for the young patients at King’s and your ongoing support will ensure we can continue to provide the very best care possible. Find out more about how you can donate or start fundraising today.