A revamped treatment room for children

A revamped treatment room for children

Your generous support has helped provide a newly improved fun and colourful treatment room for young patients at King’s who are suffering from breathing, blood and cancer-related conditions.

Thanks to donations, the room on Toni & Guy ward has been transformed from a plain white, clinical-looking area to a child-friendly space covered in beautiful illustrations and enjoyable activities.

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Making things easier

Hospital can be an intimidating, sometimes scary place for people of any age, let alone for children. That’s why at King’s, we do all we can to make the environment for young patients as stress-free and pleasant as possible. The newly revamped treatment room is providing a more pleasant, comfortable area which aims to make a child’s experience less daunting.

Staff on Toni & Guy ward were keen to ensure that the decor would appeal to children of all ages, so careful consideration was given to the design. It was decided that scenes of London would work, so they went for ones that were potentially familiar and relatable to more local patients, or exciting and relevant to a child who might be visiting the city for treatment.

The cityscape pans through day to night-time, ending in a vibrant fireworks scene over Big Ben – which includes a working clock. There are also a number of cats incorporated into the illustrations to add a valuable distraction element.

A constant resource

‘Distraction helps children as a coping mechanism for really stressful things, so having these things on the walls allows a way to do that without any extra resources,’ says Cara Boyle, play specialist on the ward. ‘I might ask the child to tell me what colours they can see in the fireworks or how many cats they can see – it’s just picking out things and encouraging them to see what they can find to help them focus on that, rather than on their procedure.’

Toni & Guy ward is a 15-bedded unit which specialises in caring for children with breathing, blood and cancer-related conditions. The treatment room is in use constantly every day, by children undergoing long procedures such as blood transfusions or patients having something quick done, like putting a cannula in.

Giving the added extras

‘Without donations from supporters, this room would still have boring, plain white walls,’ says Cara. ‘The extra support is very useful, whether it’s for big things like this or the little things like buying colouring pencils – it just helps to keep things going and gives the added extras for the children.’

Your donations have helped improve the space for young patients at King’s and your ongoing support will ensure we can continue to go above and beyond in this way. Find out more about how you can donate or start fundraising today.

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