Outpatients nurse Laura, helped cover shifts on a paediatric COVID-19 ward – alongside running one of the community-funded staff hubs. Donate today and you can keep supporting Laura and her colleagues at King’s.

“These last months have been difficult. The staff are working so hard, often spending long hours in full PPE gear, which is hot and restrictive. I’ve spent time on the COVID-19 wards, using my days off to help cover shifts.


Because of that, I’ve seen the impact of the local community’s support on my colleagues. From being given basic thing like toothbrushes to help them keep fresh at work, to being able to come to one of the Staff Hubs for food after a shift – it’s meant so much.


Every single donation made by people in the community has been so appreciated. Although we can’t physically thank people, we’re doing what we can in return by looking after them and their families when they become sick.


I just hope people will keep supporting us over winter, because we’ll be there for them.”


- Laura Duffel