From the frontline, we hear from Tina Brooker, network administrator, who was redeployed to the Programmed Investigation Unit (PIU)

"For the last four weeks, I have been redeployed to the PIU as a ward clerk. Redeployment has been an eye-opener, as my previous role was non-clinical so I worked in my office where I didn't see the direct impact COVID-19 had on our wards. I also never walked around the hospital as my day involved going to my office and then straight back home.


"Working on the ward has been an emotional experience. I have assisted calls from family members enquiring for their loved ones, and you can hear the concern in their voice hoping for positive news."


"The staff I work with on the ward have been amazing. Despite the stress, they always have smiles on their faces. They provide exceptional care to all patients and make sure patient's family members are aware of their loved one's progress.


"I take pride in helping staff ease their busy role so they can continue to care for our patients. Recently, one of the patients who was discharged from our ward said she was extremely thankful for the care she received. She explained that when she first came to the ward, she wasn’t aware of anything around her, and in her words, “was out of it”. She had said that her husband was also a COVID patient on a different ward and all her family, two daughters and their husbands and grandchild, had contracted COVID-19. Despite all the difficulties, she couldn’t thank King's staff enough for the care she received and was so happy that she was still alive.


"This is what has opened my eyes - the appreciation from people. When I share my redeployment story, people say 'well done', but it’s the nurses that need the recognition. I'm not under the amount of stress they are under."