Bringing peace to King's at Christmas

Thanks to your kindness, funds raised from our 2023 Christmas appeal will go a long way to help patients, families and staff at King's. Our appeal is still open and there's still time to help us bring peace to King's all year round. Donate to our appeal today.

Support our Christmas Appeal

Whether you've been personally treated at King's or want to show your gratitude for the care given to a family member or friend, every donation helps to take care further and support the amazing staff who don't stop over Christmas. 

Bringing peace to children in distress

Every day King's paediatric emergency department cares for children and young people who are in the midst of a mental health crisis and have nowhere else to turn. Christmastime is no exception, especially as routines can fall away, family pressures can intensify, and the quest for perfection can feel relentless.

King's incredible nursing team helps these seriously distressed children find some peace, away from the dizzying clamour of a busy emergency department, where they can calm any outbursts or protect them from harming themselves.

Right now, this means helping children recover in a bare, bright space with clinical walls and no windows. With your help, we can transform this into a room where children can sit comfortably, listen to music, play games and choose appropriate lighting to help them calm down.

Together, we can create a place where children feel safe, cared for and relaxed enough to open up and talk. 

A young person wearing headphones and smiling

The difference your donation could make

  • £25 could pay for a Bluetooth speaker system to help patients play their choice of music or soothing sounds.
  • £50 could help to pay for LED lights to colour wash the entire room, in a choice of over 65,000 colours and effects to suit their mood.
  • £75 could pay for a projector to stream films, TV shows and phone media, plus a gaming cart, console and display monitor

Bringing peace to Hospital Heroes

King's incredible hospital teams don't stop over Christmas. As many of us wind down for the holidays, these Hospital Heroes continue to provide incredible patient care. With your help, we can continue to help King's staff feel supported. From making nutritious food available within reach of the wards to providing psychological support for those facing work-related stress, your donation will go a long way.

The impact of your donation

With Christmastime being one of the busiest times for hospital staff, there's never been a better time to give. Here's where your money could go: 

  • Wellbeing spaces and activities for staff to unwind away from the wards
  • One-to-one and group psychological support for staff who are feeling overwhelmed
  • Awards schemes to recognise exceptional achievements.

Find out more about how we support King's staff, at Christmastime and all year round.

Picture of hospital staff in front of a Christmas tree
"King’s is an amazing place to work, and having this safe space to unwind and support each other definitely makes it a bit easier to cope.”
Hosanna, Cardiac Research Facilitator, speaking about the staff Wellbeing Hub

Bringing peace in memory of loved ones

Donate in memory of someone special this Christmas.

Picture of a woman lighting a candle

For many people Christmas is a time to remember loved ones and cherish memories. For some it is magical, for others intensely painful.

Giving in memory is a powerful way to honour someone close to you who was touched by King's care. 

It can bring you peace of mind through celebrating their life, and your gifts will in turn help to bring peace of mind to others as your support helps to make the best care possible at King's.

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