Amalie Day and Isabel Godden have skipped five kilometres in memory of their dear friend Maisy and to say thank you to King's for taking such great care of Maisy's little sister, Isla. 


In August 2020, a tragic accident took the life of Maisy, when a large tree branch landed on her as she was out with her family on a dog walk. 


Maisy's 4-year-old sister, Isla, was also injured in the accident and rushed to King's College Hospital for urgent brain surgery.  Isla spent two weeks on King's Lion Ward, and against the odds, made a full recovery.


Amalie and Isabel were very close with Maisy and Isla.  "Maisy had been a part of our lives since birth, side by side with Amalie and our family, and was beautiful inside and out," says Amalie’s mum, Clare.  


"Isla is a fighter.  Not only did she pull through, but she is now 100% better, which is also due to the amazing work of all the surgeons, doctors, and nurses who cared for her."

Isla (centre) has made a full recovery.

The Goddard and Day families are so thankful for the care Isla received, they decided to join forces and fundraise for the Lion Ward together through the Kilometres for King's challenge.  


So far, more than 350 people have taken part in the Kilometres for King’s challenge and walked, cycled, climbed, and even three-legged raced in support of our hospitals. 


The girls decided for their challenge they would skip 5km.


"We wanted to try something different," says Clare.   "We knew people fundraised by running or walking, but the girls love to skip.


"King's were a huge support for Maisy and Isla's parents, Nicole and Andy, who were on their own trying to deal with Maisy's passing, and be strong for Isla.


"King’s went above and beyond for them all and we are truly grateful."

Isabel's mum, Karen, ran the 5km alongside the skippers

Clare took the girls out weekly to skip and build their stamina for the event. With the help of Isabel's mum, Karen, she placed leaflets along their skipping route, urging the community to donate.


"The leaflets were also a way of letting our neighbours know what on earth we were doing outside skipping so much!" she says.


It took just under an hour for Amalie, Clare, and Isabel to skip the 5km and the families were thrilled to see they surpassed their original fundraising target of £500, and have raised over £2,500 for the Lion Ward.


The mums are so proud of them both.  "Amalie and Isabel both love Isla," Clare says. 


"They promise to look out for her for Maisy."