Ronni Goddard and the Wave Walkers have pledged to go the extra mile for King's by taking part in the Great Hospital Hike - our flagship fundraising event that follows a scenic 17 mile trail from King's College Hospital in Denmark Hill to the Princess Royal University Hospital in Bromley.

The Wave Walkers

Ronni is taking on the challenge with the Wave Walkers - a dragon boat team uniting cancer survivors in regaining fitness following cancer treatment.


Ronni was first introduced to the Wave Walkers in 2016 when she was struggling in her recovery from a mastectomy.


“Joining the Wave Walkers has been the most positive experience for me. Being a part of the team helps us all with our physical and emotional recovery – it helped me improve my movement so that I can now raise my arm up straight and my lymphedema is under control.


“I’ve also met an amazing group of people. The team welcomes anyone affected by cancer but quite a few of us are breast cancer survivors and it’s a huge emotional support just being around people who understand each other’s limitations.


“I can’t thank King’s enough for not only treating my cancer and giving me a future, but also for introducing me to the Wave Walkers.


"That’s why we are doing the Great Hospital Hike – to celebrate our survival; to thank the people that treated us; and to acknowledge the common thread that binds us all together.”