Our state-of-the-art MowatLabs provide a collaborative work environment to advance research into childhood liver diseases. Researchers in the Lab have invented a treatment that is already saving the lives of children waiting for liver transplants.

Mowat Labs researchers

Our scientists have found a way to collect and implant healthy liver cells into sick children so they can be kept alive while a suitable donor is found. But these cells need to be used as soon as they are collected; the next step is to find a way of preserving them so they can be used whenever a critically-ill child needs them.


We are also raising funds to run an innovative action research project to develop a new model of care. Our researchers will study 100 King’s liver patients aged from birth to 18 years to study the impact of liver disease on their development, and understand the challenges they face. This will mean that we can then develop and trial a range of treatments, from psychological support to music therapy, to help them overcome these difficulties and live as normal a life as possible.



We think it’s really important that the hard-working staff who look after sick children have the opportunity to access further training opportunities to help them develop new skills and keep up to date with advances in their field. So we’re offering to fund some of this training for nurses, dieticians, speech therapists and other professionals who go above and beyond the call of duty for children in their care.


We also want to invest in new PhD studentships to build our research capacity and carry out more pioneering projects in the MowatLabs.


“The insights our scientists are uncovering are revolutionising our understanding of liver disorders and saving the lives of young patients. Our ground-breaking work isn’t funded by the NHS so our researchers depend on donations to keep making breakthroughs.”