We’re here to help King’s go beyond what the NHS can provide to meet the needs of current and future patients.

On an average day, 174 people are admitted to one of King’s hospitals. An average day for the hospitals is an extraordinary day for Jessie, in need of a new liver; for Maurice, with kidneys ravaged by Covid; for Kanayo, losing her vision; for Charles in critical care, seeking a glimpse of the sky.


We are King's College Hospital Charity and King's patients and families are at the heart of what we do.


Every day King’s staff work wonders not only to save and enhance lives now, but to power the research and innovation that keeps care advancing. This incredible team counts on our support  to take care further, going beyond what the NHS can provide to meet the needs of current and future patients. 


Together, we can make the best care possible.

The change we are working towards


Making the best care possible means supporting innovative research and pioneering treatment that develops King's world-leading specialisms and meets the emerging needs of King's patients, families and communities.


It  means finding new ways to improve how people experience King's care and treatment, focusing especially on where we can make the biggest difference for growing numbers of people living with frailty in our communities, who need the best care to keep them safe and supported in our hospitals and beyond.

The difference we want to make

Better patient and visitor experience of our hospitals 

  • We want people to feel welcomed rather than bewildered when they arrive at hospital. 

  • We want patients to feel involved in their treatment and care. 

  • We want patients to feel the hospital environment provides stimulation, human connection and the right level of comfort to support their recovery. 

  • We want patients, families and friends to experience less stress, anxiety and isolation in our hospitals. 

  • We want patients to spend optimal time in hospital, making best use of their time in King’s care to support long term health. 

  • We want patients to feel supported before and after their treatment and in between appointments, so no-one feels abandoned and King’s care can make the biggest long term impact. 

  • We want patients to be able to adapt to the changes to their world that can follow hospital care.

  • We want patients with frailty, whatever their age or condition, to have the equipment, facilities, people and whatever else they need to feel positive in King’s care and to maximise their recovery.

More patients getting better care 

  • We want more people in our communities to benefit from King’s treatment and care, with no-one left behind.

  • We want King’s patients to have access to the best available equipment and facilities.

  • We want more people to benefit from advances that King’s pioneering research, treatment and care makes possible.

  • We want patients who are experiencing or at risk of frailty to receive joined-up support and care that understands and addresses their needs.

As King's grapples with challenges from COVID-19 and a rapidly-changing NHS, we will focus our support where we can make the most impact, so together we are always doing our best for the patients, families and communities we serve. 

Above: Jessie before liver surgery (left), on his on his way to liver surgery in the car we raised funds to provide to make the experience more fun and less daunting (middle) and after a successful transplant operation (right).