With winter closing in, we’ll need to be there for many more people as they become sick with COVID-19. The communities around King’s hospitals have shown such generous support in recent months. Now, we need your help once more.

For the sake of this whole community, from vulnerable patients like baby Emmanuel, to hardworking staff like Laura – we have to be prepared for whatever happens next.


With your help this Christmas, we’ll keep supporting people across the King’s community and working hard to save lives. And we’ll be funding three new areas of work too:


COVID-19 Survivor Recovery:

Helping people cope with the long-term effects.


Long stays in hospital, particularly with COVID-19, can damage people’s mental health. King’s teams are giving people the psychological support they need to cope and recover.



Bereavement Support for families:

Helping people to grieve.


The King’s College Hospital Charity Bereavement Service offers free support to people grieving a relative, partner or friend who died at our hospitals during the pandemic.



Mental Health Support for Staff:

Helping King’s staff cope after this most challenging year.


The emotional impact on the teams at King’s during the pandemic has been immense. So we’ll be offering even more emotional support to any staff who need it.



Please, make a donation to King’s today. Be there for your community this Christmas