Donations to King’s College Hospital Charity have enabled the Frank Cooksey Rehabilitation Unit to purchase a special tilt-in-space wheelchair. The unit provides intensive rehab for patients recovering from a severe neurological problem such as a brain injury, disease or trauma. 

Good seating is essential to rehabilitation. This chair offers a supported sitting position that is comfortable and keeps patients in a good posture.

“Without this chair, our more dependent patients would have to spend more time in bed", said senior physiotherapist Claire Browning. "The chair means families and friends can take patients out to the local park, which they always enjoy.”

Patients who have suffered neurological damage need help in learning again how to walk, talk, dress and do everyday things. The unit aims to support patients making the transition from hospital back to home. 

This chair ensures that those who cannot sit up by themselves can be transported between therapy sessions and be treated while sitting in it.
It also allows patients to take part in communal leisure activities, like going to the day room to watch TV or eating with other patients. Because recovery isn’t just a physical process; being able to connect with other patients and spending time with family and friends is essential to getting well.