Designated funds

King's College Hospital Charity looks after over two hundred designated funds, each set up to support a specific purpose within our hospitals.

Designated funds contain money that has been gifted to us to be spent on a specific ward, area, or speciality. For example, designated Funds may be set up to say ‘thank you’ for a patient’s care, to support a specialty, or to raise money for a research programme.

There are two types of designated funds:

  • Trustee managed – administered by our Trustees
  • Fund Advisors managed – overseen by two senior Trust staff (known as Fund Advisors)

The Fund Advisor's role is to help shape the grant-making from the Fund. Many Fund Advisors are active fundraisers for King's College Hospital Charity.

Designated funds are restricted to supporting a particular purpose. We work closely with the Fund Advisors to ensure that they are used to provide the maximum possible benefit for patients and staff. Fund Advisors will need to approve grant applications coming out of Fund Advisors managed designated funds before they come to King's College Hospital Charity for assessment and approval.

The process for applying for a small grant (<£5k) from a designated fund is slightly different from applying for a large grant (>£5k).

Small grants from designated funds

Large grants from designated funds

View list of designated funds

Get support with your designated funds

King's College Hospital Charity requires fund advisors to follow our Designated Funds Operating Instructions when overseeing designated funds. This document provides the information needed to administer and manage the designated fund effectively.

Fund advisors receive quarterly statements of fund balances, income, and spending. Any questions regarding financial items in the fund statements can be emailed directly to [email protected].

Please complete the Change of Fund Advisor form to change the fund advisor details on the designated fund.

Browse our frequently asked questions to find the answers to the most common questions. For further queries, email the grants team on [email protected].

Open a designated fund

If you want to raise funds or have a donor interested in a particular area of the hospital or speciality, please check the Designated Fund List first to see if there is an existing fund already serving your purpose.

If no fund serves your area or purpose, please contact the Grants Team on [email protected]

Fundraise into a designated fund

If fund advisors are interested in undertaking any fundraising activity, they should contact King's College Hospital Charity's fundraising team who will assist wherever possible and must always be kept informed of the results of any fundraising. Contact our fundraising team on [email protected] or 020 4526 8051.