Joan Trussell has run the London Landmarks Half Marathon in memory of her dear husband, Michael, who was cared for at King's College Hospital.

Joan's husband, Michael fought bravely to overcome his liver and cancer challenges, but sadly passed away in August 2020.


To honour his memory, Joan pledged to give something back to the team that cared for Michael, by signing up to a challenge event to raise money for King's College Hospital Charity. 


"Michael was given the most amazing, positive support by the world renowned hepatology team and Macmillan nurses at King's College Hospital," says Joan. 


"They all fought to save his life and they managed to give him two happy years before his liver disease took his life."

Joan fundraised for King's in memory of Michael

Joan signed up to run for Team King's in the London Landmarks Half Marathon - a 13.1 mile race through the City of London and Westminster.   


She clocked up her training miles with the help of Michael’s son, Marc, who works as a professional trainer.  


"They all must have thought me mad and too old!" says Joan. 


 "But I have been determined to keep my life on track since Michael’s passing."


She tentatively set a fundraising target of £350 but with the support of family and friends, managed to raise an incredible £3,283 for King's. 


"I am supporting those that supported Michael in his last years," says Joan.


"I must thank the whole of the Liver team at King's College Hospital, especially Mr Menon and the two wonderful Macmillan nurses, Sarah and Marie-Ange for their two years of managing Michael’s health and giving him a happy time before passing very quickly with his family close to him at Royal Sussex County Hospital."


"After the race, though I was emotional and terribly slow on my feet as lactic acid set in, I was just so proud.  Michael would be proud that I am challenging myself too!"

Stories like Joan's are a chance for us at King's College Hospital Charity to revisit the stories of other supporters who fundraise for King's in memory of a loved one.