The team on Donne Ward successfully applied to the Crown Fund with their bright idea to improve patient experience. Today they tell us all about the winning project, the impact it will have on staff and patients, and their message to supporters of the Charity who have helped make it all possible. 

Donne Ward is part of the health and ageing unit at King's College Hospital and provides a range of specialist medical services for elderly patients. The ward cares for some of the frailest patients at King's, often people living with dementia and cognitive impairment.


When King's College Hospital Charity opened the Crown Fund in 2021, the staff on Donne Ward seized the opportunity to make their dream project a reality: to improve their patient day room, which over the years had become tired and in desperate need of a makeover. 


"Donne Ward is a complex discharge unit so we do have patients that stay quite a long time," says Junior Doctor, Amy. "Having a room where they can be stimulated and relaxed can be very helpful and will definitely improve their quality of life." 


The £25,000 grant will be used to transform the day room into a therapeutic area specifically designed for people with cognitive and communication impairments to engage in meaningful activity, appropriate to their needs, supported by staff. 


The area will be equipped with extra comfortable seating, adjustable lighting, VGA equipment and sensory stimulation, providing frail patients with a calming, comforting environment to enjoy as part of their recovery.


"Having the day room where you can bring your patients, sit them down, talk to them, and relax them. I think it's going to bring much happiness to the team," says Donne Ward Manager, Maureen. 


"I would like to say thank you to King's College Hospital Charity for supporting our vision and improving our day room!"