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Before applying to the Crown Fund, applicants must read and understand the following:


  • Proposed use of funds
    King's College Hospital Charity (the 'Charity') is seeking applications for Crown Fund projects that improve the patient experience over and above what the NHS can provide.
  • Content of application – additionality
    Please note the Charity will not pay for any project which is considered to be a core normal function of the NHS.
  • Authorisation
    Applications must be supported and authorised by the associated deputy/director of operations prior to submission.
  • Trust approval
    Approval from King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (the ‘Trust’) will be expected as a condition of the grant prior to disbursement. All projects will need to outline the necessary approvals from relevant departments e.g. Estates to ensure adherence to the Trust's procedures. Please speak to your service manager (otherwise general manager) about procurement and getting consent and approval.
  • Supporting documents and clarification
    Supporting documents (such as existing project plans and business cases) are welcome and can be referred to in your responses. There is an opportunity to upload supporting documentation in section 6 of the application. If further clarification is required, the Charity may come back to you to ask for more information. 
  • Process for Charity approval
    The Crown Fund will close at 12pm on Wednesday 7th July 2021. All applications will be reviewed by an award panel consisting of members of Charity staff, a patient of the hospital who has shown their support for King's through fundraising, and a representative from the King's Executive team.  For the award panel to evaluate your project proposal and circulate recommendations, we may ask for additional information and seek the opinions of senior Trust stakeholders. 

Before you start:

  • Download the budget template
    As part of your application you must complete a Crown Fund Grant Application Budget Template, which you can download here
  • Prepare your responses
    Your application must be submitted via this online portal, however if you would like to prepare your answers in advance you can download a list of the questions here
  • Check the FAQs
    To help you make the most of your submission, we've answered some of the most frequently asked questions about applying to the Crown Fund here