King’s College Hospital Charity is seeking expressions of interest to apply for Sir Jules Thorn's prestigious annual Award for Biomedical Research.


The Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust funds one translational biomedical research project each year, awarding up to £1.7 million over up to five years. Only one application can be made per organisation, and we are co-ordinating the selection process for King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Full details on the Award can be found on the Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust’s website here.


Assessment criteria:

  • The project must involve research on King's College Hospital Trust patients
  • There must be a clear specification of the hypothesis based on pre-clinical experimental data supporting the rationale of the clinical study, arising from the applicant’s own or related work
  • There must be a clear strategy defining the impact of research and how the research will translate into benefits for patients and the timescale within which this will take place
  • The research must have a justifiable claim to be at the leading edge of international science, and must be led by a clearly identified Principal Applicant of outstanding quality with an established research and academic career
  • The Award cannot be used to meet the salary costs of the applicant, who should be in an institutionally–funded post (with >50% NHS PA's) for the duration of the research
  • The Award is not for an existing project, or to supplement support provided by other funding bodies


To apply:


Please submit your expression of interest to King's College Hospital Charity using the form below. Your application must be received no later than Sunday 22nd September 2019. 


  • 22nd September 2019 - deadline for expressions of interest to King's College Hospital Charity 
  • 1st October 2019 - the Charity will announce the successful project 
  • 31st October 2019 - deadline for application to Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust 


If you have any queries about the Award or the application process please contact Nancy O’Brien at nancy.o’ or on 0203 299 6230 (KCH ex36230).



Expression of Interest


Please provide an outline of your Research Programme, making sure that you address: 

  • Why the research would be suitable for a translational study
  • The timescale for clinical applicability
  • The unmet need which is to be investigated
  • How the research would meet that need

Please outline the budget for your Research Programme (up to £1.7million over up to 5 years)

Please upload your budget as a separate Excel (.xls) attachment

More information
  • Files must be less than 2 MB.
  • Allowed file types: pdf xls xlsx.


CV of Principal Investigator

Please provide a brief CV of the Principal Investigator, including major publications relevant to the application, a list of current grant awards and grant applications awaiting decision.

Please upload as a separate Word or PDF attachment

More information
  • Files must be less than 2 MB.
  • Allowed file types: txt pdf doc docx.