Improving the hospital environment

Spending time in hospital can be distressing and frightening for children. Away from their familiar home and school environment they can feel lonely and scared. Making the hospital less daunting for children and their families is a key part of the TLC Appeal.

We are investing in making Rays of Sunshine liver ward, where children can spend weeks or months, a more welcoming and homely place. For example, new lighting panels above every bed and in the treatment rooms, featuring clouds and sky, will bring the natural world into the ward, creating an uplifting atmosphere for everyone. We will also buy miniature electric cars so that children can drive themselves to the operating theatre prior to surgery. This will be a great way to reduce anxiety in children facing scary procedures, and introduce an element of fun onto the wards.


Time can drag when you’re ill and in hospital, so to help children’s days pass more enjoyably, we are investing in games consoles, televisions, laptops, games and streaming services, as well as more traditional toys and play equipment. We will also pay for entertainment and parties to lift the children’s spirits.