A generous donor who left £40,000 to King’s in her Will helped to pay for improvements to Todd Ward, the unit which cares for patients who are having liver transplant. Mrs Christine Caen kindly remembered King’s in her Will, with the result that the ward now has a vibrant new reception area, side rooms and day room, as well as a brightly revamped staff room.

Todd Ward at King's

A brighter place to be


Transplant patients can be in hospital for a long time, so a pleasant environment makes a big difference to their stay. The ward’s new welcoming spaces include bespoke blinds, artwork on the walls – showing seaside and countryside scenes – and sliding doors on patients’ rooms. 


“Thanks to these improvements, the rooms are brightened and much more stimulating for the patients. It’s a nice environment for them and their families, and a nice environment for us to work in as well. It’s also great that we didn’t have to close the beds for the work to be done, it was completed with very little disturbance.” – David Morrison, charge nurse 


Mrs Caen’s kindness also gave staff the chance to go on mentorship courses, which gives staff nurses the skills to work as mentors for students It also means the ward can take on more student nurses.


“Donations like this make a huge difference,” added David Morrison. “We wouldn’t have been able to do any of this if it wasn’t for this gift.”


Your legacy will make a difference


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