Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key elements of a successful application to the Crown Fund?

The Charity is issuing this call to enable staff from any department or specialty, at any site within King’s College Hospital Foundation Trust (“KCH”),  to conduct small scale projects that have the potential to make a big difference to patient outcomes and experience.  

The expenditure has to be for projects or activities:

  • where the positive impact on patient outcomes and experience can be measured;
  • where the benefits will be sustained beyond the life of the initial project;
  • where the activity is clearly over and above the core NHS service requirements ( “additional”).

We also want to encourage applications for projects where:

  • patients and services users and their families are directly involved;
  • teams are involved in delivery; eg multi-disciplinary clinical teams and/or non-clinical staff and/or volunteers.


How much can be applied for?

Applicants may request funding worth up to £25,000; a total fund of £150,000 is available.


What other matters are essential requirements?

Applicants must be employees of KCH  (or hold an honorary contract).


What applications would not be eligible?

We are specifically excluding projects:

  • that relate solely to staff development and support, or research;
  • are from wards and specialties in which there are significant Designated Funds that could be applied for this purpose;
  • for replacement equipment and basic refurbishment projects
  • which include costs of permanent  staffing or items of equipment required to support standard clinical care;
  • in which work, has already commenced before a decision on the grant application is received;
  • require additional funding to complete the project.


Application Process

  • The Applicant must complete an application form and submit it along with a detailed budget spreadsheet (template provided at time of application)
  • The Applicant must have the approval of their Service or General Manager in order to make the application
  • The costs included in the template should be checked by a member of the Finance Team
  • All applications will be reviewed by all members of the Award Panel.  This panel includes two charity staff and a patient of the hospital who has also carried out fundraising for the Charity 


Deadline for Applications

Applications for 2019 have now closed, but will reopen again in 2020. 


If I am successful what else would be required other than delivery of the project?

The project must be capable of delivery within 9 months from receipt of the award.  The Charity reserves the right to cancel the award if there are delays longer than 9 months in drawing down the grant.

All successful applicants will need to provide a final report on completion of the project.  A reporting format will be provided to all successful grant recipients and agreement to fulfil the reporting will be part of the Terms &Conditions of receiving the funding.


Examples of projects that have previously been successful

Some examples of projects previously funded by the Charity under a similar programme are:

  • Making Children’s A&E more child and family friendly
  • Production of ‘A Patient Safety Story’ video to support staff training in critical incidents 
  • Creation of a therapeutic sensory room for older inpatients in Donne Ward
  • Software and equipment to reduce anxiety and distress in children undergoing  endoscopy
  • A youth worker to support young patients in the liver transition service


Can I ask for advice in relation to the application?

Should applicants require any additional guidance in completing forms or determining whether proposed projects are in line with requirements, they are welcome to contact the King's College Hospital Charity either by email ( or by calling Claire Newton (X33365). 

Claire will be able to indicate whether a project is eligible, and provide extra guidance on how to respond to questions on the Application Form. However, she will not be able to give any indication of a project's chance of success, as this is dependent upon the quality and quantity of other applications we receive.

Talk to Claire