"My daily round trip to work at King's College Hospital is 52 miles. Seeing as I'm not doing the daily commute in lockdown, I'm going to be walking 52 miles this week to raise funds to go towards our Hospital Heroes Appeal."

Claire Wood Hill, Director of Fundraising at King's College Hospital Charity

"Full disclosure, I work at King's College Hospital, for the Charity. But it's a privilege to work there, even in normal circumstances. The skill and dedication of King's staff in providing incredible care for patients is amazing. They saved my Dad's life a few years ago for which I am eternally grateful, and thanks to their expertise, he's happily shielding right now, tending to his new lockdown beard.


I'm in lockdown like everyone else and as a Charity we're fundraising like fury to raise funds for the staff, patients and their families who have all been so deeply affected by COVID-19. Over 2,000 patients have been cared for and been able to return home so far, intensive care ward capacity was increased by 150% and staff drafted in from across the hospital to provide care for patients with coronavirus. 


Staff have gone over and above at every turn,  with the back-breakingly long shifts, wearing hot, sweaty, heavy PPE for hours and hours on end, sitting with patients who aren't going to make it, skyping families who are not able to visit so they can spend precious moments with their loved ones at the end.  It's a deeply traumatic situation for all who are involved.  


The Charity has been providing support from the outset, providing respite hubs for staff where they can get food, drink, and toiletries and support at the end of shifts; tablets and phones to enable families stay in contact with their loved ones who are patients; food parcels for patients when they return home so they don't have an empty cupboards when they're still too ill to venture out.  


Tragically, there have been many patients who it just wasn't possible to save, and for those who have made it, it's been a terrifying experience. We're now focusing on programmes that support the bereaved loved ones of patients who have lost their lives, work with staff to address the traumatic experiences that they have been relentlessly faced with for the past two months, and provide much needed rehabilitation support patients who have survived but for whom life is far from normal. 


If you've read this far then thank you, I could write for pages about this situation but in short, I'm going to be personally raising funds to support them. My daily round trip to work at King's is 52 miles. Seeing as I'm not doing the daily commute I'm going to be walking 52 miles this week to raise funds to go towards our Hospital Heroes Appeal. You never know, just like Forrest Gump, I may never stop once I start! 


I realise that times are tight for many, but I guarantee you that any donation, no matter how big or small will go to supporting the people who really do need it most right now. Thank you!"


29 May 2020