Best friend and soulmate – Gordon’s story

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In December 2016 Gordon Campbell-Barr’s wife of four months, Sue, collapsed while at work with a brain haemorrhage. She was immediately rushed to King’s College Hospital and was admitted to the Critical Care Centre where she stayed for three weeks. Gordon explains to us why he’s supporting our Support Life Appeal.

She’s the one

Sue and Gordon had only been married for four months after having initially met at school, and last seen each other 34 years ago. ‘I knew straight away that she was the girl I would marry. In fact I felt sick, love sick.’ says Gordon.

Gordon and Sue on a night out

Gordon and Sue on a night out

Gordon didn’t waste any more time, he proposed five months later and immediately started planning their wedding; the only things Gordon didn’t organise was the flowers and Sue’s wedding dress!

Critical care

Gordon was on his way to meet Sue to do some Christmas shopping with their girls when he got the call that Sue had been taken to King’s. When Gordon arrived at the hospital he was informed that Sue had had a massive bleed on the brain and that it didn’t look good.

‘My whole world suddenly fell to bits.’ says Gordon.

The doctors explained that Sue probably had this from birth, and it could have happened at any time.

‘When I saw Sue my heart broke and I didn’t want to leave her side.’  And he didn’t, Gordon slept on chairs in the waiting room, stayed at a local hotel and commuted from home in Essex.  The family also postponed Christmas, New Year’s, Gordon’s brother’s wedding and a holiday.

Thankfully Sue did survive and Gordon says ‘It was all down to the amazing critical care staff and equipment.’

‘Sue will need a lot of care, and it will take time, but she will get back to her old self when unfortunately others are not as lucky.’  And this is why Gordon is supporting our Support Life Appeal.

Gordon says ‘The one-to-one 24 hour care blew my mind and when I found out how much treatment costs that made me determined to try and pay back what they had done – for saving my best friend and soulmate.’

Amazing fundraising

Gordon is focusing on raising money for the new Critical Care Centre and wants to raise as much money as he can.

Gordon is now in planning mode and arranging various events to fundraise over the coming months – one of his first events will see their daughter Mille shave Gordon’s head during assembly at her primary school, then in the summer he’ll be taking part in a skydive that will take him far out of his comfort zone!

If you’d like to show your support for Gordon and help him raise as much as possible, please visit his fundraising page to donate:

You can take on any challenge, big or small, to fundraise for the Support Life Appeal just like Gordon did. Find out more about ways you can get involved.


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