A cheeky challenge for King’s

2.12.15   Categories: News from the hospital, Patient stories, Supporter stories

A grateful family have made an impressive mark with their fundraising challenge, as four brothers had their buttocks tattooed to raise money for King’s.

Peter Bingham and his brothers Rick, Dave and Chris each had a letter to spell out ‘Nick’ on their behinds. The tattoos are in tribute to Peter’s son Nick, who has made it through a brave battle after suffering a brain haemorrhage in January 2014.

Nick’s story

18-year-old Nick spent six months at King’s – mainly in Critical Care and on Kinnier Wilson ward – and was in and out various times after that. He had over a dozen operations on his brain, one of which was to remove a tumour.

Despite many challenging times, Nick – now 20 – has now made a great recovery and is fit enough to begin living his life like any other guy his age.

‘The level of care Nick received whilst he was in King’s was amazing,’ says his mother Steph. ‘There were so many consultants, doctors, nurses and support staff who were involved in looking after him and without them he would not be here today.’

An uplifting moment

It was a moment at Nick’s bedside at King’s that has inspired the Bingham boys in their unusual challenge. Having been called urgently to the hospital after Nick had taken a turn for the worst, the family were hugely relieved when he thankfully pulled through.

When Ronan, a nurse who was caring for Nick, casually asked what the tattoo on their son’s bottom meant, Peter and Steph were baffled. After noticing sheepish looks from other members of the family and further investigation, they discovered that Nick’s ink was from a holiday the previous year when, after a few drinks, he’d had the initials of some of his friends tattooed on his behind.

‘It was a great source of amusement to everyone and it cheered us all up on what had been an awful day,’ says Steph. ‘We’d gone from not knowing whether he’d pull through to being kept going by Ronan’s comment.

‘After much joking, Pete made a ‘pinkie promise’ with Nick that if he got better, then Pete would get a tattoo. Nick followed through on his side, so now it was Pete’s turn!’

Making a mark

On a chilly Saturday in November, the family gathered to see Peter and his three brothers get tattooed. There was a huge amount of support for them, including many amused comments on their JustGiving page where donations totalled over £6,000!

‘We’re sure this money will be put to good use buying new and much-needed equipment in Critical Care,’ says Steph. ‘We are very thankful that Nick was cared for at King’s and we honestly could not have asked for more.’

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